Amakhosi Safari Lodge

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Amakhosi River Spa

Amakhosi Safari Lodge is celebrating a royal birth, that of the new Amakhosi River SPA, which was launched in November 2013. This elegant Spa will take safari spa treatments to new heights. Here you can indulge each of your senses, by soaking up panoramic views of the Mkuze river, relaxing with the sounds of the surrounding bush, enjoy the skilled hands of our trained massage therapists, taste our selection of delicious beverages and healthy snacks and finish off with a refreshing swim in our new infinity pool.

At Amakhosi River SPA we use Africology, which is the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and Skincare Company in South Africa, Africology only uses natural ingredients with formulations and spa offerings, which are inspired by the wisdom of Africa's traditional healers and celebrate Africa’s vibrant heritage, communities and plant life.

Guests can enjoy holistic body, skin and beauty rituals; rejuvenating Massages and soothing treatments – these are designed to relax the body, and bring harmony to the spirit while preserving youthfulness and enhancing health and vitality. Some of our signature treatments are:

AMAKHOSI SIGNITURE TREATMENT- balances your mind, body and soul with this energy healing massage. Feel the stresses of everyday life slowly melt away as we take you on a journey to the gentle sounds of the Mkuze River. Africologys calming chamoline butter is used to perform your journey leaving you one with yourself and your world around you.

AFRICOLOGY BESPOKE FACIALS- our bespoke facials are designed specifically with each client’s needs in mind. We offer a variety of serums that will address particular skin issues. Each facial is specially made for each client. Like the phases of the moon, we would like to keep the hormonal phases of the body in natural rhythm.

SOUL OF AFRICA- Africology admires and emulates this ceremonial process, using Africa’s miracle marula oil blended with neroli to soften the signs of aging through its anti stress action. This treatment starts with the application of warm mud to release stored up negativity in the muscles. Then marula oil is applied in preparation of your intuitive oil massage.

Amakhosi is a place of kings and now with our new SPA there is no better place to Relax, revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in this unique African surrounding

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